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Tria Spine® is a Turkish company with 100% domestic capital specializing in the production of spine and orthopedic implants. More than 10 years of experience were combined for the design, production and supply of spinal cord and orthopedic implants, and in 2009 the company was completed and established.

Tria Spine® 's main goal is to provide high quality implants, medical equipment and instruments to customers; both in Turkey and  around the world.

Tria Spine® headquarters in Ankara / Although found in Turkey; Tria Spine® operates in 24 countries all over the world. Tria Spine® and produts has international certificates of CE, ISO 9001, ISO 13485: 2016. In addition to international certificates, it has its own patents, including USA approval, in some of the products it produces with its high technology.

Tests of all products produced under the roof of Tria Spine® are carried out in internationally accredited laboratories in accordance with relevant international standards.

As Tria Spine®, our primary priority is; To ensure the satisfaction of our doctors and the health of our patients by producing high quality products.

As one of those who always create, develop and / or use advanced technologies, we focus on providing our doctors with the best products based on simplicity, creativity and quality.

As Tria Spine®, WE SERVE LIFE.



As Tria Spine®, our vision is to be driving force in Spine and Orthopedic Surgery solutions and to be the preferred solution partner in the world.


As Tria Spine®, to provide surgical treatment of spine and orthopedic disorders  successfully; by  life-long learning and research by combining cultural and disciplinary understanding with our stakeholders all over the world.

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