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Tria Spine-Kyra Deformation Correction S
Tria Spine-Kyra Deformity System-16-250x

Kyra® Deformity System;          is a posterior stabilization system which composed of various types and sizes of pedicle screws, rods, transverse connectors, nuts, clips, hooks, dominos and lateral connectors for thoraco lumbar and sacral spine.

System elements are made of titanium alloy (TI6AI4V) as per ISO 5832-3 (ASTM F136 and BS 7252-3).


5.5 - 6.0




Transverse connections in two sizes, with dominoes and side connectors.

Multi-Axial System

  • Provides 50° in angle

  • Well known technique

  • Easy to use


Wide Aplication Area

  • Suitable for thoraco-lumbar and sacral spine

  • Perfect implantation in stenosis, spondylolisthesis, scoliosis, kyphosis, trauma, fractures, tumor and lordosis cases

  • Compatible implants and instruments for human anatomy


Better Design

  • Double fix structure, cortical screw body

  • Improved screw tip and threaded screw head

  • Grooved screw head

  • Titanium (6) - Aluminium (4) - Vanadium alloy (ISO 5832-3)

  • Biomechanically tested implants according to ASTM F1717 and ASTM F1798


Implant Features

  • Color coded screw heads

  • Enhanced locking mechanism

  • Adjustable transverse connector

  • 6mm rod system

  • Various size and types of screws

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