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TLIF  Titanium Cage


LorX® TLIF Titanium Cage is a posterior intracorporeal fusion device used for the correction and stabilization of the lumbo-sacral region, aimed at the treatment of lumbar and / or lumbo-sacral spine (L1 – S1) diseases.

LorX® TLIF Titanium Cage is designed to be used only one in per level.


LorX® TLIF Titanium Cage is designed to be used with auxiliary spinal fixation systems (posterior screw-rod systems, anterior plate systems, anterior screw-rod systems, etc.) and is not recommended for use by itself.


LorX® TLIF Titanium Cage is suitable for adults who have enough bone stability and meet the main indications.


The system is indicated for degenerate disc disorder, spinal imbalance, degenerate spondylolisthesis,pseudoarthrosis, degenerated scoliosis, and adult deformity.



Contraindications include but are not limited to:

Any medical or surgical condition that prevents the potential benefits of spine surgery, pathological obesity, pregnancy, overwhelming osteoporosis, open wounds, extreme local inflammation, drug and / or alcohol addiction, mental illness, extreme old age, body sensitivity to implant material, and / or allergy that preclude the potential benefits of spine surgery , acute or chronic infections, lack of patient cooperation.

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