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4,5 Pediatric Deformity System


Kyra 4,5 Pediatric Deformity System.png



Transverse connections in two sizes, with dominoes and side connectors.


Kyra Pediatric Deformity System is a fixation system for thoraco-lumbar and sacral spine, including pedicle screws, rods, interconnection, nuts, clips, hooks, dominos and lateral connections in various types and sizes. Implants have been developed to facilitate the fix of various spinal deformity conditions of pediatric patients.

The system can be used in pediatric patients who meet the indications.


KYRA Pediatric Deformity  System is suitable for degenerative Disc Disease (as defined by low back pain of discogenic origin, patient history and degeneration of the disc confirmed by radiographic examinations), spondylolisthesis, trauma (e.g., displacement fracture), spinal stenosis, curvatures (i.e. scoliosis, kyphosis, and / or lordosis), tumor, pseudarthrosis, previously unsuccessful fusion applications.



The system is not available to use in the following situations below ; however, contraindications can not be limited to these.

Patients with insufficient amount of bone or insufficient tissue coverage of the operation part that may prevent rigid device fixation, obesity, pregnancy, previous infection history, open wounds, excessive local inflammation, drug and / or alcohol addiction, mental illness, excessive old age, body sensitivity and / or allergy to implant material, acute or chronic infections, patient refusal to cooperate, presence of tumors, other medical or surgical conditions that interfere with the potential benefit of spinal implant surgery, such as congenital abnormalities, increased sedimentation rate that can not be explained by other diseases, elevated white blood cell count (WBC), or significant left shift.

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